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Why does the fuel consumption of tricycle dung suction truck increase after changing tyres?
beplay客户端更换轮胎后油耗增加原因?日前,有位消费者来电咨询我厂技术人员为什么更换轮胎后油耗增加了?应该如何解决? 下面,就我厂环卫设备公司的技术人员为您带来解答。
Why does the fuel consumption of tricycle dung suction truck increase after changing tyres? A few days ago, a consumer called to consult our factory technicians why the fuel consumption increased after changing tires? How should we solve this problem? Next, I plant sanitation equipment company technicians to bring you answers.
Firstly, after a certain mileage of the three-wheeled dung suction truck, it is an effective way to ensure the safe running of the vehicle to replace the tires which are too worn or have no obvious tire pressure for the three-wheeled dung suction truck. Usually, manufacturers also require replacement after driving more than 50,000 kilometers. So, how to change the tire is correct? Why or what caused the increase in fuel consumption?
Staff said that when replacing tires for tricycle dung suction trucks, new tires should be purchased strictly according to the original tire parameters (size, thickness, height). When replacing a new tire, attention should also be paid to measuring the tire pressure of the four tires and maintaining a stable balance. Because of the sudden increase in fuel consumption after tire replacement, it is usually caused by the replacement of products that do not match the original tire model. Widely broadening or increasing tyre specifications often results in this phenomenon. We remind consumers that reasonable replacement of tires according to specifications plays an important role in maintaining driving safety of staff.