My name is Brandon Vrooman and I am a game developer and creative designer.

My passion is to explore the possibilities of game development and to constantly push the boundaries of my ability. I enjoy the process of creating and have an eye for detail. Working in design and development comes as a natural choice and in recent years, I have worked with a variety of clients on creative and challenging projects. I am always looking forward to the next opportunity to work with new people and to share my skills and knowledge.

My experience, enthusiasm, and strong work ethic make me an ideal candidate for a position in the gaming industry. I am a hard worker and love to learn new things. I am especially interested in building quality games and designing the intricate structures that underlie them. When not making games, I am an avid web designer and developer and graphic designer.

I am currently studying Game Development and Entrepreneurship at the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology. Feel free to contact me or to download my résumé.


Game Design, Game Development, Engine Development, Distributed Computing, Networking

Web Design, Front and Back-End Development, Graphic Design

Project Management, Team Management